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Buying Your First Static Caravan

The UK has the busiest and largest, market for the retail of static caravans in Europe, as many people are now seeing the benefits of owning their own static holiday home. Apart from your home, a static caravan is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make, and so it should be a good […]

Can a TV be Wall Mounted in a Static Caravan?

Millions of flat screen televisions are sold every year in the UK and it’s rare nowadays to see a residential home without one. As people have become accustomed to watching the flat screen, it’s not unreasonable to want to have one in your static caravan holiday home. So, can a TV be wall mounted in […]

Static Caravan Owners and TV Licences

This summer thousands of holidaymakers will spend a well-earned break in UK holiday resorts, many of them staying in static caravans. We would like to remind static caravan owners of their obligations with regard to TV licences so that you don’t find yourselves on the receiving end of a nasty fine. To some static caravan […]

The Difference Between Touring and Static Caravans

Talk to people about the difference between touring and static caravans and you’ll be quite surprised at just how much confusion there is. There is a world of difference in the quality of the caravans and indeed the holiday experience. Static Caravans The belief by many that a holiday home is merely static caravans without […]

Smartphone Apps for Static Caravan Owners

We currently live in an age of technology where information is at our fingertips. The majority of static holiday home owners possess a smartphone – and maybe a tablet as well. Smartphone apps for static caravan owners are numerous and incredibly useful. If you don’t already have a smartphone, apps like these may be just […]

Top Tips for Container and Pot Planting on Caravan Plots

As we head into spring and you plan on spending some relaxing time at your caravan or lodge, our thoughts turn to the garden and planting preparations for the beautiful summer displays that will enhance the caravan plots at Sirior Bach. Avid gardeners just love to see the fruits of their labour when enjoying a […]

Keeping Cool in Your Caravan this Summer

Newer caravan owners might not have figured out all the tips and tricks for keeping their caravan as cool as possible or maybe you’re a veteran caravan owner who is feeling the heat this year. Either way, we’ve compiled some things we think will help you keep as cool as possible this summer while on […]