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Keeping Cool in Your Caravan this Summer

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Newer caravan owners might not have figured out all the tips and tricks for keeping their caravan as cool as possible or maybe you’re a veteran caravan owner who is feeling the heat this year. Either way, we’ve compiled some things we think will help you keep as cool as possible this summer while on holiday in your static caravan.


Cooling Down Your Static Caravan

It seems obvious but having a fan inside your caravan is a must for most owners. However, using it to its fullest potential isn’t always as clear. Aiming fans towards yourself feels like the most refreshing option in the moment but it doesn’t cool down the room. Remember, fans cool people, not the air, so for the best approach, aim them out the window and push the hot air outdoors instead. When possible, create a cross breeze with two fans or with an open window and your fan.

Blackout or thermal curtains can really make a difference to the internal temperature of your caravan. Yes, it will be dark inside, but it’ll also be much cooler! If there is opposition to blackout curtains, regular curtains which are room darkening can also assist in keeping the rising morning temperatures from reaching you as quickly. Remember to close curtains on rooms that face the sun to keep indoor spaces as cool as possible for longer and remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors.

In living areas or bedrooms, you can cool down a whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. The subsequent breeze will quickly cool down the room making it easier to relax – or sleep.

Light bulbs (even environmentally friendly bulbs) give off heat so turn them off, so they have less chance of creating warmth. Fortunately, in summer it stays light until much later which allows us to take advantage of natural light.

Electronics around your caravan also create heat which dissipates into the air. Those electronics such as laptops, phones, TVs, and appliances need to stay cool, just like you, so they release heat into the surrounding air warming it up. Turning these electronics off is a good step but unplugging them is ideal.


Keeping it Cool in the Kitchen

The kitchen is an obvious place your static caravan can create heat quickly. Turning on the stove or hob to cook is instantly going to make you – and the caravan – hotter. Avoid cooking at the stove if you can. Summer is a great time to experiment with fresh produce, fun sandwiches, and interesting salads.

If you really want to cook something hot, how about firing up the grill outside instead? It’s a great way to cook without heating things up inside the caravan.

Be sure to turn off kitchen appliances that generate heat when they are not needed.