High Ropes Course

Adventure awaits!

climb aboard today

Can you find your caravan from atop our high ropes course at Whitehouse Leisure Park? This thrilling course will encourage a spirit of adventure in those young and old.

Our high-ropes course is 14 feet in the air, so come and conquer the 11 incredible elements. Today is the day to climb, swing, jump and hang on. The course includes hanging buoys, tunnel and swinging logs.

High ropes times & costs

Monday – Friday 09:00-17:00

Saturday 10:00-17:00

Sunday 11:00 – 17:00

Course starts at £10 per use

Who is it for?

Anyone over the age of 6 is welcome to face the challenge of our high ropes course! Singles, couples, families and friends are all welcome. 

HIgh ropes rules

1. Children must be 6 years plus to be able to use our High Ropes course.
2. If your child is between the height of 1.0m & 1.3m, they must be accompanied by a paying adult (18yrs+).
3. If your child is over the height of 1.3m & aged 8 years plus, they are allowed to use the High Ropes course without the assistance of an adult.
4. If your child is 6-8 years old and over 1.0m, they must be accompanied by a paying adult (18yrs+).
5. Please wear clothing with room for easy movement & with no loose clothing/material that could catch on any of the High Ropes course.
6. Please wear the appropriate footwear that fully supports the feet.
7. No open-toed footwear is allowed to be used on the High Ropes course.
8. Please make sure that all hair is tied back securely & not left loose.
9. There is a maximum weight limit of 120kg to use the High Ropes.
10. No more than one person per element & one person per platform.
11. If you require any assistance during the session, please raise your hand & an instructor will come to assist you.
12. Please arrive five minutes before your session starts.

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