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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Static Caravan

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Caravan ownership is a wonderful thing. It’s surprisingly affordable, there are plenty of static caravan parks to look up so you can pick a location you love and you’ll also get all the wonderful advantages that come with caravan ownership such as a flexible holiday retreat and a peaceful place to de-stress.

However, buying a used static caravan can seem daunting for beginners. There are usually financing options that can look scary and there are many questions to ask when buying a used static caravan. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding the purchase of a used caravan and we’ll be answering them in detail. After going through this article, you’ll be fully prepared to use a caravan dealer or finder to help you locate your dream holiday retreat.

What financing options are available to me?

Check with your caravan dealer so that you know what financing options are available to you. Most dealerships will offer financing deals but you also need to look at how much interest you’ll be paying. It’s a good idea to try and negotiate the terms if they’re a reputable static caravan dealer because they tend to give very good deals and discounts if you’re willing to bargain a bit. However, you may want to read through this entire article before you start pointing out parts of the caravan that you think you deserve a discount on. You also need to be aware of any fine print in the contracts, so ask to see them (if possible) before you put your money down.

Where should I invest in a static caravan?

There are many different caravan parks around the country and it’s best to take a good look at all of your options before you decide to settle for one. While a caravan might not be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make, it’s certainly up there and it pays to be a little more wary of how much money you’re investing into your static caravan. You may want to pick your location based on proximity to your home to make it more convenient, but there’s also the option of picking a location that’s further away such as a rural location (if you live in the city) or a place that’s closer to the beach. Take a look at nearby caravan parks to find out where you could potentially invest your money.

Can you check the rest of the fittings and appliances?

You may want to ask to see the water system, boiler and gas appliances and check if they work properly. Some old caravans are prone to damage due to old parts being used and these will need to be monitored correctly and examined. If you don’t have much knowledge of caravans then it might be worth looking at the reputation of the caravan park and asking what services are available for people that need repairs on their equipment. Most parks will include repairs in their service fee but it’s worth double-checking with the park manager first.

Are other caravan owners happy at the site?

Before you put a deposit down or sign any forms, make sure you investigate your surroundings. Is there a lot of people around you, or is the caravan site fairly empty? Buying a static caravan at a site is a great idea, but your experience may or may not be different depending on how many people are living close to you. If you like a close-knit community where you can make new friends then you’re better off looking at a more lively location. Of course, this depends on the current season and when you plan to use it, but it’s still good to keep in mind.

Are you allowed to sublet?

If you don’t plan to use your caravan all too much then it might be a good idea to look into subletting it during the seasons where you don’t use it. This can help pay the costs of upkeep and maintenance, making your static caravan purchase more affordable. Subletting rules will depend on the caravan site so make sure you speak to the manager about the possibility of subletting. If it’s allowed, then try and establish when you’ll be using the caravan and when it will be free so you can start looking for potential tenants as soon as possible.

What were the previous owners like?

As you perform your inspection, ask the caravan dealership about the previous tenants. Were they smokers? Did they drink often? How well did they treat the caravan? If you’re going to move into a static caravan then you’ll want to know about the history of it. In a sense, you should be treating it much like a vehicle or a home. You want to learn the history of it as best as you can so that you get a good understanding of the type of issues you might encounter. For example, if the previous tenants were heavy smokers, then you may need to wash out certain smells from the caravan. In most cases, you won’t run into many issues that could be caused by the previous owners, but it’s still worth asking so you know the entire history of its ownership.

Are you really happy with your choice?

There are plenty of used caravan dealerships around that offer beautiful static caravans. Make sure you pick something that you actually love, not something basic or boring. Look around at different dealerships and ask yourself why you want to own a caravan in the first place. Do you want a luxury retreat? If so, then you may want to invest a little more to get the home-away-from-home feeling. If it’s a family gathering spot, then you’ll want to try and get a larger static caravan to fit more people.

These questions should give you a good start when looking into buying a used static caravan. Good luck with your search, and hopefully you’ll be a proud static caravan owner soon!