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Static Caravan Owners and TV Licences

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This summer thousands of holidaymakers will spend a well-earned break in UK holiday resorts, many of them staying in static caravans. We would like to remind static caravan owners of their obligations with regard to TV licences so that you don’t find yourselves on the receiving end of a nasty fine.

To some static caravan owners, the issue of TV licensing is a bit of a grey area so hopefully, this blog post will clear up any doubts you may have.

Some Static Caravan owners may need a separate TV Licence

As the law stands currently, some caravan owners may need a separate licence for their holiday homes and some won’t. It depends on whether a television is being used in your main residence at the same time as you are on holiday in your static caravan. This applies to your home television being watched or used for recording programmes whilst you are away.

In the UK there is a legal requirement to have a valid TV licence for anyone watching or recording TV programmes on any device or channel in a holiday home whether it is an apartment, house, static caravan or indeed any structure that is permanent. You can check if you need a separate TV licence by clicking here on TV Licensing

Spread the cost of a TV Licence

The same rules do not apply to touring caravans provided you have a valid licence for your main residence since touring caravans are not permanent structures. However, if you need to buy a TV licence you can do it very quickly by purchasing online. You can spread the cost of £159 per annum by paying quarterly, monthly or even weekly payments if you want to.

If you are not sure whether you need a separate licence for your static caravan the TV Licensing people will be very happy to give you free advice if you call them on 0300 790 6042.

Methods of payment

It is now extremely easy to purchase TV Licences because there are so many ways in which you can do it as follows:

  • You can buy a licence online with a credit or debit card
  • Set up a direct debit online to pay annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly
  • Paypoint – with over 23,000 outlets throughout the UK you can pay over the counter with a debit or credit card or even with cash if you wish
  • If you would prefer to pay over the telephone, you can call TV Licensing and pay with a variety of debit cards including Connect, Maestro and Delta. The number to call is 0300 790 6042
  • You can mail a cheque or postal order to TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL

At Sirior Bach our static caravan owners are not permitted to rent their caravans out but if you are reading this and have a caravan to let on any caravan site in the UK you are much more likely to require a separate TV Licence for your holiday home.

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