Zip World Llechwedd


Zip World Llechwedd

Europe’s first 4-person parallel zip, Titan 2 remains an exhilarating ride for those seeking adventure. The trek begins with a guided tour of the mine area followed by the exhilarating seated zip line ride reaching speeds of 50mph. Riders will then have a short walk followed by a second ride with up to 3 friends or family that you can race to the bottom.

Many come to Zip World Llechwedd for Bounce Below, an enormous underground net adventure playground. People of all ages can jump, bounce, slide, and climb through the disused mines 6 trampoline style nets.

Get in a round of Underground Golf on the world’s first underground adventure golf course which features interesting lighting, music, interactive elements and unique holes throughout. Take a train to get to this 18 hole course, which is set on 4 floors with increasing difficulty as putters climb their way to the top and have a blast.

The Deep Mine Tour at Zip World will explore the lives of the men and children who once risked their lives in the production of the world-class slate that came from these caverns. This walking tour steps back into the 19th century and Llechwedd’s captivating past to traverse the many underground levels as well as the fascinating history.

Big Red features two parallel zip lines 30 feet high and is the perfect introduction to zip line experiences. With each ticket buying you two goes, this thrilling ride is an awesome way to race friends and family to the end and see wins.

Caverns is the ultimate test of endurance as users trek through a once-abandoned historic slate mine. The various nooks, crannies, and tunnels that miners once walked have now been reworked with 13 zip lines, via ferrata, rope bridges and tightropes. This excellent team building exercise is a great all-weather activity for those seeking an exciting afternoon out.