Zip World Betws-Y-Coed


Zip World Betws-Y-Coed

The UK’s only alpine coaster, the Fforest Coaster is an unbeatable experience for people of all ages visiting the park. With its many twists and turns along the one-kilometre track, this toboggan style coaster will speed riders through the trees upwards of 25mph.

Plummet is the world’s first tandem drop experience. After climbing the 100 foot tower, riders will stand on a trap door – alone or with a partner – for the ultimate test of grit that comes with the freefall to the ground below.

It’s a playground. It’s a zip wire. It’s an adventure. Zip Safari is made up of 21 zip lines and 17 additional elements throughout this adventure wonderland that that include rope bridges, netting, balance boards and more. Various paths through make it enough of a challenge for most without being too difficult for the younger users.

Take a blast back to your childhood, with an exciting adult twist, with Skyride. This five-seater swing pulls users up 80 feet high up in the air before one lucky rider pulls the release cable and sends the swings hurtling towards the ground. Enjoy the sense of weightlessness you longed for in your youth once again with Skyride.

Suspended 60 feet in the air, Treetop Nets is a bouncy net adventure similar to a trampoline and is a great way for children to burn off energy while everyone gets outdoors. People of all ages can hop, slide and bounce along 250 metres of walkways and gigantic netted areas while soaking in fresh air and gorgeous scenery.

Tree Hoppers features two courses to capture various skill levels and is a great place to learn new skills or develop existing ones. Users will navigate zip wipes, rope bridges, balance beams, platforms, and more on this skills course 7 metres above the ground.